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Sunset Dalmatian

Sunset Dalmatian

Joker Pikaro

Bruno-portretBruno was born in Dalmatian Kennel Pikaro from Mrs Ivana Robalova. He attracted our attention for the first time we went to see him. I couldn´t find better exuse to get another dog than to have it like a present for my boyfriend. Bruno was very temperament puppy so I started with training him in very early stage and he was suprising me every day of how easy he was. At the age of 2 months he already knew the basics as "sit" and "come".

Bruno v postojiWe also prepared Bruno for the dog shows in that time. His first show he attended in the age of 8months and from that time he had lot of success in show ring. Even we were not entering him on every show that was held in Czech Republic. And he loved it, I can tell you. And only because he was in the center of attention. He has this sparkle in his eyes, like he knew that he was the best.

Bruno v postoji From that time I had lot of experiences with Bruno. He tought me a lot and I am very gratefull to him the same as to his breeder Mrs.Roubalova who let us have him. Bruno was dog with lot of passion to be learned and trained. He was very smart and able to do anything for what you are asking for. He had big heart which make my tears of happiness falling, and with this he got mine forever.

Bruno crossed the Rainbow bridge on 8th of November 2012 :( He left huge empty space behing and will be gratly missed.

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Basic information:

04.01.1999 - 08.11.2012
Health: HD A (non official), BAER bil.+
full dentition


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7xCAC, 5xRes.CAC, 2xCACIB, 1xRes.CACIB, 2xBOB, 1xBIG, 1xRes.BIG, 2xNational Winner, Regional Winner, Winner of Brno


All show results:

date type and place of the show class result judge
04.09.1999 CACIB Mlada Boleslav puppy very promissing ing.Jan Findejs (CZ)
09.10.1999 CACIB České Budějovice junior Excellent 2 Dagmar Poláková (CZ)
05.02.2000 CACIB Brno intermedia Very Good Dagmar Poláková (CZ)
13.05.2000 KV DKČR intermedia Excellent 1, CAC Peter Rance (GB)
02.09.2000 CACIB Ml.Boleslav intermedia Excellent 1, CAC MUDr.Radana Zachová (CZ)
23.09.2000 CAC Brno intermedia Excellent 2 MVDr.František Šimek (CZ)
06.05.2006 Krajská výstava Kampa Praha intermedia Excellent 1, Class Winner Meszaroš Bedřich (SK)
28.10.2000 SV DKČR Bílina intermedia Excellent 2,
MUDr.Radana Zachová (CZ)
03.02.2001 CACIB Brno open Excellent 2,
Meszaroš Bedřich (SK)
18.03.2001 CACIB Bělehrad (YU) open Excellent 1, CAC, Res.CACIB Deny Mayer (FR)
21.04.2001 KV DKČR Praha open Excellent 3 Oognah Gore (GB)
28.04.2001 CACIB České Budějovice open Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB Miroslaw Redlicki (PL)
26.05.2001 CACIB Litoměřice open Excellent 4 MVDr.František Šimek (CZ)
22.09.2001 CAC Brno open Excellent 1, CAC, National Winner, BOB, BIG Ing.Roubalová Ivana / Libuše Ubrová (CZ)
13.10.2001 CACIB České Budějovice open Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, 2.BIG Libuše Ubrová (CZ)
03.11.2001 CACIB Nitra (SK) šampionů Excellent 4 Piotr Krol (PL)
18.05.2002 KV DKČR Svitavy winner velmí dobrý 2 Arnie Foss (N)
25.05.2002 CACIB Litoměřice champion Excellent 3 Ivica Balač (CRO)
08.06.2002 CACIB Praha champion Excellent 3 Dr.Jan Nesvadba (CH)
22.06.2002 OV Praha-Kunratice winner Excellent 1,
Class Winner,
Regional Winner
Dagmar Poláková (CZ)
26.10.2002 SV DKČR Ml.Boleslav winner Excellent 2,
Linda Fintorová (SK)
30.10.2004 KV DKČR Louny winner Excellent 2,
Liliane de Ridder (B)
19.03.2005 CAC Ostrava winner Excellent 1, CAC, National Winner Ing.Jaromír Dostál (CZ)
09.04.2005 Krajská výstava Mladá Boleslav winner Excellent 2 Petr Řehánek (CZ)
28.04.2007 CACIB Praha šampionů Excellent 2, Res.CAC Lenka Frnčová (CZ)
18.11.2007 KV DKCR Praha veteran Excellent Irina Petrakova (RUS)