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24.12.2014 | To all our friends and owners of our puppies we wish nice Christmas Holidays and lot of love, understandings, joy and great moments in new year 2015.
Eva and spotties :)

14.12.2014 |

09.11.2014 | Weekend shows in Prague where I was showing some of the dogs from my breeding (first day) and taking lot of pictures. We have achieved some very nice results, too:

Double CACIB Praha - Saturday >>
"Willy" Endless Games Sunset Dalmatian - Exc.2, Res.CAC, Res.CACIB
"Sandy" Exclusive Seduction Sunset Dalmatian - Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOS
"Sára" Essential Edition Sunset Dalmatian - Exc.1, CAC

Double CACIB Praha - Sunday >>
"Sandy" Exclusive Seduction Sunset Dalmatian - Exc.1, CAC

"Sandy" with her prices from both days :o)

28.10.2014 | Back from three days dog show in Brno and Blansko. We did not got the highest achievment, even got the first VG ones, but on the end had some nice results. The European Dog Show in Brno show was great - very well organized and with perfect athmosphere. Only a pitty that the judge was not prefering our type (what we knew before we entered) but we were ok with just being there and showing our dogs to other breeders and judges. Blansko was also nice - only one quite important thing was missing - the carpet on slipery floor so it was immposible to show our good moving dogs :p. Anyway we were there with all our friends and owners of my puppies for which I would like to send BIG thank you !!! that you came and show them and also stayed till late for participating in Breeding Group competition which we won on the end !! Thank you !!!

National Dog Show Brno >>
"Sam" Easy Attraction Sunset Dalmatian - Exc.1, CAC
"Tahra" Everybody's Choice Sunset Dalmatian - Exc.

"Sam" also have started his Czech Championship on Brno show like his littermates :o)

European Dog Show Brno >>
"Sam" Easy Attraction Sunset Dalmatian - VG
"Willy" Endless Games Sunset Dalmatian - VG
"Big Boy" Dream Believer Sunset Dalmatian - Exc.
"Spookie" Closest Fantasy Sunset Dalmatian - Exc.
"Don" Double Reason Sunset Dalmatian - Exc.
"Sandy" Exclusive Seduction Sunset Dalmatian - Exc.4
"Sára" Essential Edition Sunset Dalmatian - Exc.
"Tahra" Everybody's Choice Sunset Dalmatian - Exc.3

The star of the day was Tahra where she was almost placed second in strong open class females.

Dalmatian Speciality Show Blansko >>
"Logan" Emotional Experience Sunset Dalmatian - Exc.2, Res.CAC
"Sam" Easy Attraction Sunset Dalmatian - VG
"Big Boy" Dream Believer Sunset Dalmatian - Exc.
"Willy" Endless Games Sunset Dalmatian - Exc.4
"Don" Double Reason Sunset Dalmatian - Exc.1
"Sandy" Exclusive Seduction Sunset Dalmatian - Exc.3
"Sára" Essential Edition Sunset Dalmatian - Exc.2, Res.CAC
"Pandora" Eleventh Heaven Sunset Dalmatian - Exc.3
"Hetty" Dignity of Hettynky Sunset Dalmatian - Exc.1, BIS Honour
"Meggie" Creative Images Sunset Dalmatian - Exc.4
"Alegra" Lacrima Christi Count On Me - Exc.2

Best breeding group on Dalmatian Speciality Show in Blansko - Sunset Dalmatian (Don, Sandy, Hetty, Pandora) with our judge Mr. Jean Pierre Achtergael from Belgium. photo © Elena Neycheva

After the show the club organized breeding exam and "Sandy" Exclusive Seduction Sunset Dalmatian got her breeding licence. Congratulations !!

20.10.2014 | Have now few weeks off the show before the big event in Brno, so we are lot with dogs outside and on some long tours. We have lot of photos and will place them online soon :o)

One of the walks with our frineds Jindra, Verča and Léďa (behind camera) and our doggies (on the photo) :o)

11.10.2014 | Photogallery >> updated

10.10.2014 | Everybody will agree with me that to maintain web site in two languages is a real time problem so hope that you will excuse me for being really really late. Our Czech version is updated more often so if some time nothing is happening here and you are really interest in what is going on with us, please visit updated version instead.

01.10.2014 | Very busy weekend behind us. Lot of different activities - specially on Saturday. First message I got from the owner of Logan who was competing for the first time on National Dog Show in Brno. He was alone in the class but based on that the judge was very strict we are happy that they did so well and got his first CAC. Big congratulations to his owner.
Just after this great news another came from Ladka, where they were in Austria International Dog Show with Don and they won the class with CACA and became best dog with CACIB and BOS. So one more CAC during next year and they will have it :) Big congraatulations to them too !!! Sandy was also participationg in Tulln but the judge was really strict and even he puts her on first place it was with VG this time.

National Dog Show Brno
"Logan" Emotional Experience Sunset Dalmatian - Exc.1, CAC

International Dog Show Tulln >>
"Don" Double Reason Sunset Dalmatian - Exc.1, CACA, CACIB, BOS and Bundessieger Tulln 2014
"Sandy" Exclusive Seduction Sunset Dalmatian - VG1

And we were on Hunting trail exams during this weekend. They were my first with my own dogs - Meggie and Alegra. Brave Lucka with Sára also joined us :o) We had two exams - Hound game tracking exam (BZH) and Houng blood tracking exam (BZ). We have enjoyed very much - nice athmosphere in the woods, with nice weather and great people. The girls did very well so we are proud of them :o)

Sára BZH 2nd.price and BH 2nd price. She was the youngest comptetitor and the judges gave her special congratulations :o)
Alegra BZH, 2nd. price and 3rd. place and BZ, 2nd. price
Meggie BZH, 2nd. price and BZ, 1st. price and 3rd. place

Few photos taken on the weekend's exam >> Thank you Milan and Ms.Lucie.

After successful tials one memory photo - Lucka with Sára, Jitka with Jessa (after Baron), me with Meggie and Alegra, and two more of Baron's children Florian and Fergie with thir breeder and owner Eva

22.09.2014 | We did not enter our dogs to Autumn dog show in České Budějovice this year, but we had one dog from our breeding who took participation. "Sandy" Exclusive Seduction Sunset Dalmatian won her class with CAC and with this she got more close to CZ Championship. Congratulations to her owners.

13.09.2014 | World Dog Show Helsinky - results >> and some photos of winning dogs with the judges. Other photos will be added soon.

01.09.2014 | End of Summer and you can find us traditionally on the Interdog Bohemia in Mladá Bolelav. We have entered several of our dogs there, mostly from latest "E" litter. Unfortunatelly all were entered in the same class (next time we need to agree better) but anyway we have enjoyed the show very much and had lot of fun and laugh :o) The biggest success took Tahra who went straight away from intermedia class to BOB !! This is her second show among "adults" and second time she went to the top. Big congratulations to her owners !!!

International Dog Show Mladá Boleslav >>
"Willy" Endless Games Sunset Dalmatian - Exc.1, CAC, CACIB
"Big Boy" Dream Believer Sunset Dalmatian - Exc.2, Res.CAC
"Tahra" Everybody's Choice Sunset Dalmatian - Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB
"Sára" Essential Edition Sunset Dalmatian - Exc.2, Res.CAC
"Sandy" Exclusive Seduction Sunset Dalmatian - Exc.3
"Hetty" Dignity of Hettynky Sunset Dalmatian - Exc.1, CAC, Res.CACIB

Tahra in the group competition on Interdog bohemia Mladá Boleslav

28.08.2014 | Spookie had another successful mating with Aziza-Bahati von der Ibergquelle. The puppies will be all liver spotted and will be born in Muta Macchiata´s >> kennel. We keep our fingers crossed.

25.08.2014 | Few news from this and last weekend from which we have new International Champion, three new open championships and one on the way. We have enjoyed it a lot on the showground with very nice atmosphere and other breders and handlers. Thank you all - you made it worth coming and hope we meet next year again :o)

15.08.2014 - Dalmatian Club Show Bratislava >>
"Sára" Essential Edition Sunset Dalmatian - VG, unfortunatelly too dark for the judge
"Pandora" Eleventh Heaven Sunset Dalmatian - Exc.1, CAC, Club Winner, BOB

16.08.2014 - Duo Danube Bratislava >>
"Willy" Endless Games Sunset Dalmatian - Exc.1, CAC, CACIB
"Big Boy" Dream Believer Sunset Dalmatian - Exc.1, CAC, Res.CACIB
"Sára" Essential Edition Sunset Dalmatian - Exc.2, Res.CAC
"Hetty" Dignity of Hettynky Sunset Dalmatian - Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOS

17.08.2014 - Duo Danube Bratislava >>
"Willy" Endless Games Sunset Dalmatian - Exc.2, Res.CAC
"Big Boy" Dreaam Believer Sunset Dalmatian - Exc.2, Res.CAC
"Sára" Essential Edition Sunset Dalmatian - Exc.2, Res.CAC

Pandora on Dalmatian Club Show in Bratislava where she became Club Winner and BOB. On the photo with the judge and the president of Slovakian Dalmatian Club.

"Hetty" Dignity of Hettynky Sunset Dalmatian (on the left) in Bratislava where she was best bitch and she became International Champion on the day.

And some news from this weekend where "Sandy" - Exclusive Seduction Sunset Dalmatian and her owner were on dog shows in Lepzig where they got both days Excellent and second day was placed 3rd. Congratulations !!!

The last one we have is from the working field. Saša and "Spookie" Closest Fantasy Sunset Dalmatian have passed another hard rescue tracking exam and were placed third from all dogs !!! Exams tooked two days with peaople searching (with track), two hours long and with intensive rain and also during day and night time. The judges were very strict and on the end very suprised by the work of the dalmatian !!! Have no words for this. Just what a great job Saša and huge congratulations to both !!

13.08.2014 | World Dog Show 2014 Helsinki :o) Previous plan was to go and show some of our dogs too, but on the end I was the only one crazy enough to travel 3500km in 4 days so on the end I just gave up. Instead I shorten my trip on 2 hours by plane and it was much more confortable and quicker then by car. One more thing positive about it that I have really ejoyed the show and saw lot of interesting dogs that otherwise I would not see by beeing at the same time in the ring ;) I also had company with me - Laďka from Don, who also wanted to "smell" what the big shows look like. And I can say that mission was successfull - beutiful dogs, lot of breeders and some chat with them - I have really enjoyed it :o)

28.07.2014 | Few short nice messages from last week. We have visited Happy and his owner and made quite nice tour in the woods and fields soraunding their city :o) Some photos uploaded in Rajče photogallery >>
We also got the news that Solbo's Kayo, the father of our "E" litter became British Champion !!!! This is just huge achievement as only three dogs from the contitnent have this title - Kayo's grandgrandfather "Selwyn" Spotnik's Special Selection, then Kayo's father "Zacco" Bell-A-Mir's Elegant Envoy and now the traditions continues :o) Big congratulations to the owners both Chantal and Patrick and also Helle.

"Happy" Extreme Happiness Sunset Dalmatian - portrait at his 18 months

20.07.2014 | Really hot Summer weather hit the weekend show in Mladá Boleslav where we have shown Willy and Sandy. They both did great despite the weather conditions and the judge was trying to save us and the dogs much as possible. Sandy unfortunatelly did not make any impression on the judge so she left the ring with very good. But Willy on the other hand did great and won everything he could - CAC, National Winner,BOB and BIG in later competition.

Photos and show results from Mladá Boleslav >>

"Willy" Endless Games Sunset Dalmatian, 18 months and his first adult VI group achievement :o)

12.07.2014 | Summer is here and it is time for holidays so we had lot of traveling, lot of visits and some shows :o) There is really lot of photos we have and will try to post them later on.

"Logan" Emotional Experience Sunset Dalmatian on his very first show where he won his class and became Regional Winner Congratulations to the owner :o)

Laďka, Víťa with Don on the way back from their vaccation in Slovenian Bled won 2xCAC, 2xCACIB, BOB and Res.BIG. With this he oppened Slovenian Championship. Great job. Well done !!!

"Don" Double Reason Sunset Dalmatian - second in the group comeptition, res.BIG

And on our way to Serbia and Montenegro we have shown Pandora on International Dog Show in Subotica where she got CAC, CACIB and BOB. We did not wait for the finals as we had a long trip in front of us.

"Pandora" Eleventh Heaven Sunset Dalmatian on the show in Subotica

"Logan" Emotional Experience Sunset Dalmatian

And some good news on the end - health results of our puppies from "E" litter
"Sára" Essential Edition Sunset Dalmatian - HD A, ED 0/0
"Sandy" Exclusive Seduction Sunset Dalmatian - HD B (B/A), ED 0/0
"Pandora" Eleventh Heaven Sunset Dalmatian - HD A, ED 0/0

27.05.2014 | And here is the May update. Lot of news we have, so lets start :o)

The 1st of May our Božidar have celebrated his 12th birthday. Even you can see he is an old man he still carries happy and young attitude and it looks like he will stay with us couple of more years :o) So we are looking forward to all our future moments and also wish to all of his brothers and sisters who are still with us lot of good heath and happiness.

Bošu with his birthday cake :o)

This month we have also visited Ellie - last puppy we did not see from the time she left us. She is having really great time in big garden and with her friends. Some pictures from Visiting Ellie >>

"Ellie" Eternal Passion Sunset Dalmatian - 16months

We have also visited some shows and had some really nice results. The bigest succes was taken by young Tahra and her owner where she won VI FCI group in Litoměřice. I am really happy and proud for all results and achievements of my puppies and grateful to the owners for they decision to show them.

03.05.2014 - CACIB Praha >>
"Willy" Endless Games Sunset Dalmatian - Exc.1, CAC, CACIB
"Sandy" Exclusive Seduction Sunset Dalmatian - Exc.1, CAC, CACIB
"Sára" Essential Edition Sunset Dalmatian - Exc.2, Res.CAC

10.05.2014 - CACIB Topola (SRB)
"Simon" Easy Attraction Sunset Dalmatian - Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB

11.05.2014 - CACIB Natalinci (SRB)
"Simon" Easy Attraction Sunset Dalmatian - Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB

Sam with his first cup :o)

11.05.2014 - Dalmatian Club Show Ptýrov >>
"Willy" Endless Games Sunset Dalmatian - Exc.1, CAC
"James" Catchy Solutions Sunset Dalmatian - VG, unfortunatelly too fat for the judge :p
"Don" Double Reason Sunset Dalmatian - Exc.1, CAC, Klubový vítěz 2014
"Big Boy" Dream Believer Sunset Dalmatian - Exc.1, Nej.čestný
"Sára" Essential Edition Sunset Dalmatian - Exc.3
"Pandora" Eleventh Heaven Sunset Dalmatian - Exc.1, CAC

Best of Breed won junior male after our Spookie from kennel Viva Bohemia. Big congratulations to the breeder&owner :o) !!!

or team on the club show :o) From left: Petr and Pavla with Big Boy and Willy, Lucka with Sára, me with my doggies, Laďka and Víťa with Don (we just miss here James with his owners as they left early because of the work)

James - portraitt :o) Few new photos you can find in his photogallery Picasa >>

17.05.2014 - CACIB Wieselburg (A) >>
"Willy" Endless Games Sunset Dalmatian - Exc.1, CAC, Res.CACIB
"Big Boy" Dream Believer Sunset Dalmatian - Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, 4.BIG

Best male and female in Wieselburgu with the judge Makaritis Stelios from Greece

Big Boy 4th place in VI FCI group

24.05.2014 - CACIB Litoměřice >>
"Tahra" Everybody's Choice Sunset Dalmatian - Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB a BIG

Sixteen month old Tahra winning the group competition on International Dog Show in Litoměřice.

30.04.2014 | Our web update is getting really late this time and we really really have a lot of news to share :o)

First of all would like to start with some new photos in our Rajče >> gallery where we have added lot of them from our walks. Hope our web photogallery >> will also be updated soon :o))

We also got nice news from Saša and Spookie where they passed another rescue exam FCI IRO, RH-F A (Rescue Dog Practice Tracking Test Level A). That was a really great job from them as we all know much time and effort needs to be put into dog's training and make it in lot of different surcumstances for them to pass thru. Big congratulations and thank you for presenting dalmatian breed to the public as one of the smartest dogs overall. Thank you !!! Some of the photos that Saša have sent we have added to Spookie's photogallery Picasa >>

Saša and Spookie during RH-F A exam

We have also been visiting some shows this month. Mostly of them were abroad :o) Don, Big Boy, Willy, Sára and Pandora have opened their new championships :o). Some of the results see bellow:

05.04.2014 - CACIB Salzburg (A) >>
"Willy" Endless Games Sunset Dalmatian - Exc.1, CAC
"Big Boy" Dream Believer Sunset Dalmatian - Exc.1, CAC, Res.CACIB
"Sára" Essential Edition Sunset Dalmatian - Exc.2, Res.CAC
"Pandora" Eleventh Heaven Sunset Dalmatian - Exc.3

Our team in Salzburg :o)

13.04.2014 - CACIB Chemnitz (D)
"Sandy" Exclusive Seduction Sunset Dalmatian -Exc.4
(no photo of her this time)

And third International show
19+20.04.2014 - 2xCACIB Szilvásvárad (H)
"Don" Doble Reason Sunset Dalmatian - Exc.1, CAC + Exc.2, Res.CAC

Víťa and Don on the move first day of the show where they won their first Hungarian CAC :o)

And the last show in April where our team collected the bigest success. Three of our puppies from "E" litter started their Czech Championship and two International. On top Pandora gave us some suprise and won the breed :o) It was almost unbelievable with being just 15 months old but probably she carries her lucky star from Alegra who had the same success on the same show being same age in 2006 ...

26.04.2014 CACIB České Budějovice >>
"Willy" Endless Games Sunset Dalmatian - Exc.1, CAC, Res.CACIB
"Sára" Essential Edition Sunset Dalmatian - Exc.1, CAC
"Sandy" Exclusive Seduction Sunset Dalmatian - just behind Sára Exc.2, Res.CAC
"Pandora" Eleventh Heaven Sunset Dalmatian - Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB

Pandora showing her self to perfection in the final ring competition in České Budějovice :o) For the photo I thank to Martina Trávničková

I would like to thank to everybody for the effort and willing to show our puppies and a big congratulations for wonderful success you have with them. !!!

16.03.2014 | Beautiful news from last Saturday from CRUFTS 2014. Father of our puppies Solbo's Kayo became Best Dog with CC and also won Best Of Breed !!! 200 dalmatians were entered. Huuuge congratulations to his owners !!! He is proudly following his father's steps (2007) and also his grandfather's (2002) and became third overseas dog to achieve this win !! We followed the whole event live online and yes, they did make our breed proud in the final ring. You can see few seconds of his presentation on official Utility judging video >> from 11:00 minutes on :o)

Kayo's presentation at the Main Arena in Utility group

Tento týden ještě přišla další pěkná zpráva, že náš Spookáč bude zase otcem. Nakryl krásnou, černě tečkovanou fenečku Delilah Elsa od Bílé laně. Kdo náše stránky sleduje dýl tak ví, že Elsa je z vrhu chovatelky Evy Liškové kdy jsme tenkrát před Vánoci roku 2009 jeli společně do Dánska na krytí :) Takže je to skoro v rodině :o) Štěňátka budou vymazlená, výborně socializovaná a hlavně maji zdravé oba rodiče (certifikované zdravotní vyšetření) Samozřejmě budeme průběžně informovat a zatím se moc na ně těšíme. Narodí se cca v polovině května v chovatelské stanici Aisha´s Heritage >>

06.03.2014 | International Dog Show DuoCACIB Brno, Saturday 22.02.2014 >> - one of my favorite dog shows in our country and some really nice success this year of "our" boys"
"Willy" Endless Games Sunset Dalmatian - CAJC, BOJ, Junior BIG and res.Junior BIS
"Big Boy" Dream Believer Sunset Dalmatian - CAC, CACIB, BOB and 3.BIG
"Willy" is now !!! CZECH JUNIOR CHAMPION !!!
Lot of photos from this event are added to Picasa Willy >> and Big Boy >> gallery :o) and want to thank to photographers Martina Trávničková, Eva Černohubová :o) and of course to Petr who also did some nice videos.
Fotografování psů a tvorba webů pro chovatele - Eva Černohubová
Here is one official video from the show where you can see a bit of our success :o)
Official video from DuoCACIB Brno 2014 >>

And some photos :o)

Big Boy - Best dog and Best of Breed - CACIB, BOB with the judge Hana Ahrens (A)

with Willy after he won Best Junior in VI FCI Group - Junior BIG.
And than without a clue what is following next :o)

Big Boy - third place in VI FCI Group - 3.BIG

Willy - second Best Junior in Show - res.Junior BIS

10.02.2014 | First health results of our "E" litter :o) So very happy about it !
"Willy" Endless Games Sunset Dalmatian - HD A/A, ED 0/0
"Tahra" Everybody's Choice Sunset Dalmatian - HD A/A, ED 0/0

03.02.2014 | Champion of Chamipons 2013, Prague and one representative of our kennel - Dream Believer Sunset Dalmatian "Big Boy" shown by myself. He was choosen for the second round and later on was placed 3rd in VI FCI group. Thank you Pavla and Petr for entering him to this comeptition and also for such a good care of him.

during competition

Dream Believer Sunset Dalmatian 3.BIG

As dalmatians are very active dogs we are not spending our time just on a dog shows, but also for everyday long walks. On some of them we take our camera, too. There are some nice photos that we are preparing from January, but till the time we put them online, you can take a look at some photos from Jindra. He captured our latest small dalmatian meeting in Drahaň valley >> Very nice, almost 3hours, sunny, but a bit cold walk this weekend :o)

Seven dalmatians came and two labs with their owners

16.01.2014 | Show season started this year with a great style. Michal and Sandy in German Nürmberk won junior class with total of 12 bitches and later on became Best Junior and on the finals Best of Breed !!! The judge was breed specialist Ake Cronander (Sweden) Happy and proud of them both. They did a great job. Congratulations !!!

with the judge, Michal and Sandy - Exclusive Seduction Sunset Dalmatian
CAJC, Best Junior and BOB