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NEWS - archive 2006

23.11.2006 | We added some photos from Dalmatian Club Show in Prague

20.11.2006 | Show results from Dalmatian Club Show and International Dog Show in Prague were added.
Alegra was entered to both shows but after first show she started her season and she couldn´t participate on Club Show :o( But first day she did well and was excellent 4

15.11.2006 | New photos from World Dog show are placed in photogallery

14.11.2006 | World Dog Show 2006 Poznaň - today I have recieved few photos from Alegra´s breeders :o) from left:
Lacrima Christi Choco Mousse - Choco
Lacrima Christi Carpe Diem - Rocco
Lacrima Christi Csilla Cesaria - Csilla
Lacrima Christi Cro´A Porter - Porto (Alegra´s brother)
Lacrima Christi Count on Me - Alegra

12.11.2006 | !!! World Dog Show 2006 Poznaň !!!
Alegra was Excellent as the youngest participant in Champion class with only 21months !!! At the finals we were presenting Lacrima Christi breeders group and the judge selected us to compete for VI FCI group (always 3 from each FCI group). It was really amazing. We were not placed on the end but we got small medail :o) There are also another dalmatians winning in the main ring. BOD Puppy and Veteran were Dalmatians and Best of Breed Bell-A-Mir´s Elegant Envoy was placed 3.BOD
Full results and some photos >>

03.11.2006 | New picture added in Alegra´s page.

06.10.2006 | Mr. Václav Škoda (Javapami) gave us permition to put his photos from Dalmatian Club Speciality Show to our web site. Thank you.

Alegra - V2, Res.CAC

Boža - V2, Res.CAC

25.09.2006 | On Saturday I was handeling pointer Max for my friend Tomas on National Dog Show in Brno. That was Max´s first dog show and he was doing great - placed on 3rd place with Excellent :o) I also visited dalmatian ring. For all results and photos click here >>


Max - Excellent 3

18.09.2006 | We have results from Dalmatian Club Speciality Show in Blansko
Boža - excellent 2, Res.CAC
Alegra - excellent 2, Res.CAC

11.09.2006 | We added photos from some previous shows :o)
Dalmatian Speciality Show Bratislava >>
International Dog Show Bratislava - 1.day >>
International Dog Show Bratislava - 2.day >>
Dalmatian Club Show Mladá Boleslav >>
National Dog Show Mladá Boleslav >>

21.08.2006 | We had beautifull sunny weekend in Bratislava´s shows with Alegra. Duodanube dog show made very nice impression to us. Judges from all around Europe made BIS to be very special. I think that this show will be in our calendar for every year from now and on.
Alegra was juded by three different judjes and they liked her very much so we came back home with 3xCAC and one CACIB. BOB dog all three days was Boža´s half brother Lacrima Christi Choco Mouse who won BIG both days and on Saturday he was 3.BIS. Congratulations to Anna and Choco
All show results you can see on our web now. Photos will follow soon
18.08.2006 - Dalmatian Speciality Show Bratislava >>
Alegra - V1, CAC
19.08.2006 - International Dog Show Bratislava >>
Alegra - V1, CAC
20.08.2006 - International Dog Show Bratislava >>
Alegra - V1, CAC, CACIB

23.07.2006 | We have great results from two dog shows from this weekend in Mladá Boleslav.
National dog show Mladá Boleslav >>
Boža - Exc.1, CAC
Alegra - Exc.2

Dalmatian Club Show Mladá Boleslav >>
Boža - Exc.1, CAC
Alegra - V1, CAC, Club Winner 2006 !!!

We also added results from International Dog Show in Brno from last month where Alegra was in intermedia class and won Exc.1, CAC and CACIB !!! from the judge and former dalmatian breeder Mrs.Ludmila Fintorova

Alegra - CAC Mladá Boleslav

18.06.2006 | We added show results and photos from European Dog Show 2006 in Helsinki >> and Dalmatian Club Show in Hurmijärvi (FIN)

26.05.2006 | We added results and photos from International Dog Show in Litoměřice which was held on 20.05.2006
Alegra was excellent 1, CAC, Res.CACIB !!! This is her fifth CAC in one month time !!! Huraa

Alegra posing - CACIB Litoměřice

Boža is posing - Regional Dog Show in Prague

16.05.2006 | Boža and Alegra became
They made it on International and National Dog Show in Mostar on weekend 13-14.05.2006
International Dog Show Mostar >>
Boža - excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, BIG
Alegra - excellent 1, CAC, Res.CACIB

National Dog Show Mostar >>
Boža - excellent 1, CAC
Alegra - excellent 1, CAC

06.05.2006 | Today we visited dog show - Czech Crown Cup - memoriam of Jaroslava Marková, in beautifull gardens of Vojanový sady on Malá strana in historical center of Prague. Gorgeous flower threes and beautyful sunny atmosphere made this spring day very special. 11 dalmatian names took place in cataloque. Judge was Bedřich Meszároš from Slovakia and let Boža and Alegra to won in their class.
On April weekends we were also on several dog shows ...
1.Regional Dog Show Mladá Boleslav >>
Boža - excellent 2
Alegra - excellent 2

2.National Dog Show in Ostrava >>
Boža - excellent 1, CAC
Alegra - excellent 2

3.International Dog Show in České Budějovice >>
Alegra - excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB a BIG4 !!!
4.International Dog Show in Praha >>
Boža - excellent 2, Res.CAC
Alegra - excellent 1, CAC, Res.CACIB

And one of these weekends we also visited a Horse Show in Prague. That is one of my dreams to have a horse. Appaloosa horses were very interesting . . .

Appaloosa mini


And, of course, my favorite one...

18.02.2006 | Last weekend was International Dog Show in Brno. It was very nice atmosphere and also very nice number of entered dalmatians. Take a look at full results and photos >>.