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NEWS - archive 2007

20.12.2007 | Wish you nice and peacefull Christmas and lot, lot of happiness and love in NEW YEAR 2008 !!! We also thank to all our new and also old friends, judges, and the owners not only of our spots, who made the year 2007 for us something that will be allways remembered :o))) We wish you all, from our heart the best for the future.

26.11.2007 | We got some new photos from Split from Zuzka :o) so we put them in our updated photogallery. We also recieved new photos from Mr. Škoda (Javapami) from Czech Club show in Prague. We thank you both - the photos are beautifull :o))).

19.11.2007 | We had beautiful finish of the show year 2007 with International dog show in Prague with the record number of entrences (over 5 thousand). There was 32 dalmatians judged by very pleasent young judge from Ireland Mr.Moran Anthony. Alegra was placed excellent first with CAC in Champion class.

On Sunday we spotted in the hall no.6 where it was held Dalmatian Club Show with 54 entries which were judged by Irina Petrakova from Russia.

Bruno - Excellent
Boža - Excellent
Alegra - Excellent 1, CAC, Club Winner 2007 and BOB !!!

23.10.2007 | Alegra had another beautiful weekend in Croatian Split !!! On Saturday there was National Dog Show and on Sunday International. The weather was not so perfect for the outside show but Alegra made it very well in the ring and placed unbelivable under several diferent judges :o))) We also had big suport from audience for which I am very thankfull

CAC Split - CAC, BOB, 2nd BIS Native Breeds
CACIB Split - CAC, CACIB, BOB, BIG, BIS Native Breeds, !!! 3rd BIS !!!

Big thanks goes to Katka Vanišová (Impossant Bohemia) and Lenka Fairaislová (Kalokagathia) as they made all the photos you can see here.

Alegra BIS - Native Breeds with the judge Dušan Benčić (HR)

BIS Native Breeds

Alegra BIG - judge Miodrag Vreteničić (MNE)

Alegra runs for BIS

Alegra 3rd BIS - judge Giuliano Biasiolo (I)

CACIB Split - the best three dogs of the show

17.10.2007 | We put some new (and old) photos on the page of B litter >> (only in Czech language)

14.10.2007 | New photos in our photogallery >> from dog show in Montenegro and from weekend coursing. Photos from Montenegro were sent by Zuzka :o) - big thanks.

08.10.2007 | We have news from dog show in České Budějovice where Alegra got another CAC in champion class what was great result as we both needed rest from the dog show so we were not in the "mood". On the end it was nice day. Lot of thanks to Renata with smooth foxterier , who took us with her car.
Sunday was much more pleasend with lot of fun for dogs. We accept Petra´s invitation from ridgebacks Nyathi and we went to try again coursing. Dogs loved it. We will place wonderfull photos from Petra (Nyathi) and Jana (Bohemia Harmony) in our photogallery, soon :o))

ready to start :o)

03.10.2007 | We have results from TOP DALMATIAN 2006 competition Bošu and Alegra was placed second !!!

02.10.2007 | We have lot of beautiful show results from dog shows that we entered in last few weeks.
First and very nice result had Alegra on Dalmatian Speciality show in Blansko (CZ) where she got another CAC, and later became Speciality Winner (Best Female) and BOB :o)))
Two weeks after we went to Montenegro and came back with two new Champions and another more titles CAC and CACIB. This is Alegra´s seventh championship and Boža´s fourth and fifth because he finished his INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION !!! BOB both days was Bošu :o))) and second day he won the group - BIG and became third Best in Show - III.BIS !!! :o))))))
We will place some photos from these shows in the photogallery probably this weekend.

11.09.2007 | On the National Dog Show in Brno this weekend Alegra got another CAC and became National Winner :o)))

02.09.2007 | Yesterday I was visiting International dog show in Mladá Boleslav where Ake Cronander was judging. I enter Alegra also as I was really curios what he will think about her but she didn´t want to finish her season yet :o( so I went just to watch. Yesterday was also very important day - it is exactly 14 years that I got involved with dalmatians :o)))

show results with photos click here >>

We removed old show results from 2000 - 2004 because of lack of space for the new ones. If anyone is still curious to take a look at them please do not hasitate to contact me ;o)

31.08.2007 | We decided to move the mating for Alegra´s next season :o((

19.08.2007 | We have results with photos from International Dog show in Oslo click here >> and Norweigan Club Show also in Oslo click here >>

14.08.2007 | This weekend I had a small holiday being visiting Oslo (shows ofcourse) I had oportunity there to see for the first time in my life Otto before we decide to mate Alegra with him. I was sooo delighted with him and also with his brother and sister and his mother who was in the age of 14 and in great condition :o). I was so happy. When I came back in euphoria Alegra was waiting me with suprise - she started her season two month earlier that we expected. I am really curious if we will make it with all the papers and visit Otto on the end. Anyway I will put the latest news.

Ch.Spotnik´s Quick Quackery - " Otto "

Otto on the moveu

12.07.2007 | We got two news this week and I could´t resist not to add it in here - Alegra´s sister Lacrima Christi C´Est La Vie became FINISH CHAMPION and her brother Lacrima Christi Cro A Porter became VDH and GERMAN CLUB CHAMPION :o))) Moc Congratulations to Outi and Michael !!!

Ch.Lacrima Christi Cro A Porter - " Porto "

Ch.Lacrima Christi C´est La Vie - " Helmi "

21.06.2007 | We are back home after two week show holiday :o) With Alegra we had great time during 3 days on Zagreb´s International fair on ECDC show, European Dog Show and Croatian Dalmatian Speciality where we met lot of friends and known faces of dalmatian world and we had also some show success. On Tuseday we went to Dubrovnik where we stayed 3 days before we continued to 2xCACIB Mostar. That was amazing expirience and thanks to all for such a great idea :o) and special thanks to Anita and Željko for their perfect hospitality
show results and photos you can find on the links bellow

European Club Dalmatian show ECDC >>
Alegra - Excellen 4th place
great result among all other quality champion bitches :o)))

European dog show Zagreb >>
Alegra - Excellent

Croatian Dalmatian Speciality >>

International dog show in Mostar - 1st day >>
Alegra - Excellent 1, CAC, Res.CACIB

International dog show in Mostar - 2nd day >>
Alegra - Excellent 1, CAC, Res.CACIB

Just few minutes before presentation of Croatian breeds in national dresses from Dalmatia Region

25.05.2007 | We had another sucessfull weekend. Alegra bacame !!! CLUB CHAMPION DK ČR !!! and also Csilla had very nice results before going back to Croatia :o)

International Dog Show in Litoměřice >>
Alegra - Exc.4
Csilla - Exc.1, CAC, CACIB , BOB, 4.BIG

Dalmatian Club Show in Litoměřice>>
Boža - Exc.2, Res.CAC
Alegra - Exc.1, CAC
Csilla - Exc.1, CAC, Best Female

15.05.2007 | We had another "showy" weekend :o) This time we were in Slovakia on the Interantional dog show and Dalmatian Speciality in Bratislava.
We had great time as we met lot of friends. My friend Vlado was curious how it goes on the shows and he was kind that came with me such a distance and spent 2 days on the show. He helped me a lot on the way there (we were travelling by train) and on the show also. He made lot of nice photos while we were in ring. We also met little Marketka who helped me a lot showing the girls when they were competing between eachother and also in breeders group :o) And on the end we met Eva who made few photos of us and with that reported our success.
Lot, a lot a lot thanks to them :o) they make it happend.

International dog show Bratislava >>
Boža - Exc. 2, Res.CAC, Res.CACIB
Alegra - Exc. 1, CAC, CACIB
Csilla - Exc. 1, CAC, Res.CACIB

Dalmatian Speciality Bratislava >>
Boža - Exc. 3
Alegra - Exc. 1, CAC
Csilla - Exc. 1, CAC, BOB

30.04.2007 | On Saturday we were on International dog show in Prague :o)

Bruno - Exc. 2, Res.CAC
Boža - Exc. 2, Res.CAC, Res.CACIB
Alegra - Exc. 2, Res.CAC
Csilla - Exc. 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, 5.BIG

25.04.2007 | Like the last year we used opportunity to travel with Mr.Jennel who is organising trips by bus for Czech dog exibitors to foreign countries and this time we went to Serbia - CACIB Kragujevac and CACIB Natalinci. We wanted to open new Championship but on the end we got information on the show that they still have the old rules for foreign exibitors what means if the dog enter the champion class and gain title CAC, CACIB or Res.CACIB he automaticaly became an Chamipon. And because Bošu and Alegra completed this request they became !!! SERBIAN CHAMPIONS !!! I am so proud as I am Serbian.


show results from CACIB Kragujevac >>.
Boža - Exc.2, Res.CAC, Res.CACIB
Alegra - Exc.1, CAC, CACIB

show results from CACIB Natalinci >>. Boža - Exc.2, Res.CAC, Res.CACIB
Alegra - Exc.1, CAC, CACIB

Both days BOB got the dog from Champion class Panatera Unica Very Important which on CACIB Natalinci 2007 became best dog in show all breeds - BIS !!!

And the best news on the end - !!! Alegra closed her !!! INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION !!! title

14.04.2007 | We have results from CAC Ostrava >> . Alegra was Exc 1, CAC and National Winner and Csilla got CAJC and became BOB. Later she was Junior BIS !!!

the Slovakian judge Vladimír Piskay is taking a good look at Csilla

after the judging group photo - from left: Dorothea Donica Javapami, Hollywood´s Dream Raul, Lacrima Christi Csilla Cesaria and Lacrima Christi Count on Me.

13.03.2007 | We added some photos from our Saturday´s walk click here >>

08.03.2007 | This weekend we were visiting Alegra´s breeders Anita and Željko Radić in Sisak. It was very nice but pitty that was so short. We are allready very exited for Euro Dog Show, ECDC show and Croatian Club Show on the begining of June when we will make more time to enjoy the visit.

We were also at two dog shows in Zagreb to try what Croatian judges will think about Alegra. First day she got CAC and second Res. CAC, what was quite nice as she opened Croatian Chapionship :o)
International Dog Show Zagreb 03.03.2007 >>
International Dog Show Zagreb 04.03.2007 >>

On the end we came back to Prague with 3 dogs - young lady Csilla joined us for couple of months :o) More info about Csilla you can find on her website >>

having a break from the trip in Wiena

18.02.2007 | On the International dog Show in Brno Alegra got CAC, CACIB and BOB.
All results click here >>

29.01.2007 | This weekend on the international dog show in Trenčín Boža gained CAC and res.CACIB and Alegra CAC and CACIB and she became SLOVAKIAN CHAMPION !!!
To see results click here >>

15.01.2007 | Alegra became !!! CZECH CHAMPION !!! when she gained on National Dog show in Olomouc CAC, National Winner and BOB.
Just before her second birthday !!! It was only 4 dalmatians entered what we didn´t espect at all. Such a small number of dalmatian on the national dog show, but you never know . . . On the end we were lucky :o)

For all results click here >>

02.01.2007 | We updated puppy page with new plans for our next litter at the end of 2007 (for now just in Czech). Also we added more photos in our photogallery and photos + results from ECDC and CACIB Mechelen that was held in Belgium last Summer.