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NEWS - archive 2008

30.11.2008 | We were visiting James More

29.11.2008 | Nice news to wake up with today :o) I got the message from both owners of James and Spooke that they have full dentition. They are just coming after Meggie as she have all teeth growing few days earlier than boys. Very happy for it :o)

22.11.2008 | Our photos form Dalmatian Speciality Show in Prague are online

18.11.2008 | Yesterday James went to new home. It was love on the first site. Mirek was trying to resist almost for 2 weeks while he was very misterious but on the end he gave up :o) You can watch James growing on Nyathi team web site
Mirek a James
Mirek and James are playing during the Sunday´s coursing. Mirek is hero in my eyes as the reason that this litter is born is because of his help - driving me to Norway and back. The words of gratitude cannot even describe how much I am thankfull to him.

16.11.2008 | Our Puuies did great on todays Dalmatian Speicality Show in Prague. Photos say more than words . . . Big thank to Saša Kamenyova, that she did a great job with Spookie and we are looking forward to see how this little boy will grow up.


James is just behind him :o)

Meggie was also placed

and on the end . . .

Alegra je Top Dalmatin 2007
!!! Alegra is TOP DALMATIAN 2007 !!!

All photos are from Petra (RR Nyathi ) who was again very fast :o) Thank you Petra

11.11.2008 | Yesterday Jana gave us very nice present after I had tears in my eyes. Such a beautifull photos from coursing ... No words for it, better to take a look and make your own picture. Thank you Jana so much.

And another news is that after almost two months when nobody call on advert.for James people started to be interested in him. And not only simple people but the ones that allready have dalmatians and I can say that they take very good care about them as I know them from some shows. I know that my plans were that exactly this type of home I am looking for James but I just couldn´t say to them to come and take him. I just couln´t wake up in the morning and see his is not there. His beautifull look and such a wonderfull character . . . So I just decided he will stay with us. I know it is crazy but this is just non ratious decision. So please take your fingers crossed that we make it. If not I will scream very loudly :o))))

03.11.2008 | On Saturday we were first time with our puppies on the dog show and they had great time :o). They both compete in baby class and got very prommising . James loved it so much that he wanted to be a star in main ring and he did it - he got 3rd place in BIS BABY (around 40 pups entered). Judge suprised us with giving Alegra CAC and CACIB :o) as in Budapest she was not his favorit. Complete results and some photos from our friend Jana. Thank you.

Saturday was reserved for coursing :o). First photos from Petra of RR Nyathi are already online. The weather was not perfect for taking any pictures but she did a great job.

31.10.2008 | Máme pár nových fotek ve fotogalerii >>

19.10.2008 | Few very nice photos from autumn walks:
- walk with my niece >>
- daily walk, Libeň and Troja >>
- Saturday tour in Voděracké Bučiny by me :o) >> and also by Marek >>

07.10.2008 | This Friday and Saturday we spend on European Dog show and Hungarian Dalmatian Club show in Budapest. I entered Alegra only on Club show and she was placed 4th with Excellent. We bring you the results and photos from European Dog Show 2008 >> and the results of Hungarian Dalmatian Club Show 2008 >>

06.10.2008 | New photos in puppy gallery >>

30.09.2008 | What a great news I got yesterday - Alegra´s brother Lacrima Christi Cro A´Porter - Porter was in Austrian Tulln this weekend CACA, CACIB, BOB and in finals won VI FCI group and became !!! BIS !!! :o)))) Big congratulations to his owner Michael for such a great job he did.

Lacrima Christi Cro A´Porter

28.09.2008 | Last weekend we were with Alegra for the first time after she had puppies, on the two international dog shows in Slovenian Maribor and Pohorje. These shows were not previously on our schedule but Lenka needed help with her 13 daschounds so I said when I travel there I can try our luck with Alegra. On the end we were not lucky at all - we didn´t made it for starting this new championship. First day Alegra got VG, the first in her lifetime :o( but thanks God that second day was better - res.CAC a Res.CACIB. To see all results (this time witout photos) you can click here >>

Spookie have new home - his owner sent us some lovely photos :o) thank you

11.09.2008 | Results and photos from CACIB Mladá Boleslav More >>

01.09.2008 | Puppies will be 9 weeks old tomorrow :o) Both boys are still available to good homes Photos >>

26.08.2008 | Puppy photogallery is updated More

22.08.2008 | New puppy photos - 5weeks standing and from their sixth and seventh week >>

15.08.2008 | Yesterday we made hearing test and all puppies can hear on both ears (BAER bil.+) :o))))))) I was soooo happy. Thanks goes to my friend Vlado - the driver, our veterinarian Marek for asistance and of course all team from AA Vet who did great job and gave us and specially our puppies exceptional treatmant during the test.

MVDr.Marek Kubát with Megie MVDr.Hanuš Velebný
from left: our vet Marek Kubát with Megie and vet Hanuš Velebný who did the BAER test

04.08.2008 | New puppy photos from our friend Aleš (professional photographer for people) and few every day photos :o) of their fifth week. More >>

26.07.2008 | New puppy pics - 3,5 weeks old. Click here

21.07.2008 | I was visiting National Dog Show in Mladá Boleslav this Saturday just to see dalmatians and take some photos of them. On the end I finished in the ring with my friend´s English Springel Spaniel who needed help as her mother also won the class so we were running together for BOB :o)
Dalmatian results and photos >>
All photos from WW Stockholm are finaly online >>

Myth Of Melusine Darrem Canis - CAJC

20.07.2008 | New puppy photos are online. We made them this weekend so the puppies are 18 and 19 days old on them. More

18.07.2008 | First photos from World Winner Dog Show in Stockholm (on the end of all results) click here >>. Other photos coming soon. Please be patient ... and three new photos of our small bitch ;o) More...

14.07.2008 | New puppy pics :o))) More...

11.07.2008 | World Dalmatian Show Stockholm - photos and results added + results from World Winner Dog Show 2008 (photos soon). Click on logos to direct the link. Photos are placed on another server as there is plenty of them and they are bigger in size :o))) Wish you a pleasent time . . .

09.07.2008 | We have photos of our puppies online :o))), new Jana´s photos from coursing on her web page and for show fans we will add soon complete results and photos from World Dalmatian Club Show and World Dog Show 2008 Stockholm :o)))

08.07.2008 | Early morning at the 1st of July 2008 the puppies has arrived. We have two liver spotted males (450g and 410g) and one black spotted female (420g). Puppies and the mother are doing fine.

27.06.2008 | New photos from coursing: RR Kevin >> a Romanos >> and our photogallery 2008 has been updated - thanks to Jana´s photos ;o)

23.06.2008 | First photos from coursing are online :o) Nyathi >> and Sardelka >>

22.06.2008 | After already more than 6months break we went again with our dogs to try coursing ;o) - thanks to Petra from Nyathi ridges. It was nice to meet the same team as in Bratislava dog show (I allready miss them). And the dogs loved it. Bruno tryed it for the first time and he was realy great :o))) He is staying at our place 10days already as Marianek and Zanetka are enjoying Spanish coast ;o) There were also lot of good photographers and soon as photos are online I will send you a link that you can make the picture of how we spent our first Summer day this year ;o)

Ofcourse Alegra stayed at home as she is moving realy slow now - the welping date is getting closer. In the photos bellow you can see how her tummy is growing each week (and also one with all our dogs together).

26.05.2008 | Yesterday we visited with Alegra our vet Marek which made ultrasound checkin and confirmed us that Alegra is pregnant :o))) We are more than happy that everything goes well and how we planned. I hope that lucky star will continue to shine on us in the future also ;o)

Saturday we spent on International dog show in Litomeřice (without our dogs) to keep our fingers crossed to Ilona and her labrador Gregor (he got Res.CAC :o)) and also to take some photos. We met lot of friends and weather was also very nice so it was very pleasent day. Dal show resluts and photos please click here >>

19.05.2008 | Not only beautiful summer weather, but great organisation, very nice atmosphere at whole showground and ofcourse lot of people we know and friends that made this show weekend one to remember. International Bratislava belong to one of my favorite and this "May show" just confirmed me that this will certainly take place in our calendars for the following years. Whole trip came out to be much more better when Alegra qualified for Slovakian Grand Champion and also brought home with us one more title res.CAC from Slovakian Dalmatian Club Show, and 2xCAC and 2xCACIB from SPRINGDUODANUBE :o) Many thanks to Jana (Bohemia Harmony) for all Alegra and other dall photos from SPRINGDUODANUBE. As you can see she is really good photographer ;o)))

Alegra CAC and CACIB for judge Teja Pedro Gonzales (GUA)

Alegra CAC and CACIB with the judge Damir Skok (HR)

Výsledky a fotky z výstav:
16.05.2008 - Club Show Bratislava >>
17.05.2008 - International Dog Show Bratislava >>
18.05.2008 - International Dog Show Bratislava >>
(photos of other dals from DUODANUBE will be added soon)

On Friday´s Dashound Club Show I was fortune to show Jeanne D´Arc Kalokagathia Fai "Johanka" with which we won CAC, Club Winner, BOB and BIS. The judge was Vladimir Piskay (SK). Lot of thanks to her owner and breeder Lenka for entrusting her to me :o)

09.05.2008 | We had an oportunity to watch dog show in Stange while we were in Norway so you can also take a look at the results and some photos we made Click here >>>

05.05.2008 | In puppies section we added photogallery from mating and some pictures of Otto (only in Czech language)

30.04.2008 | Alegra is mated to Otto :o))) This moment we were waiting more than one year and we are very happy now that everything went very well thanks to Alegra and also thanks to nice people that are walking on this world. They are like small Angels and doing good things for others. One of them is Jana from bearded collies Bohemia Hormony, which saved me after my firend Vlado said that his boss doesn´t want to give him days off from work to come with me for planned mating. Jana sent me few SMSes which encouraged me that we can find better way to go to Norway than by train. And than appeared another Angel - Mirek from ridgebacks Nyathi, which said that there is no problem for him to drive with me 3200km and also he was so kind that he orginised whole trip. On the end Alegra have mating days exactli when Mirek suposed to be on two day RR Club show in Germany which he sucrified and his wife Petra went alone (by the way she had great results there when their young boy won BOB both days)
I need also to mention my friend Honza (restaurant Zadní vrátka) which borrowed us his company car :o))), Marianek s Žanetka which were taking very good care of Boža while Alegra was in the season and also big thanks to Marek (veterinární klinika Well-Vet), our vet who made us all necessery papers and blood test for trip through Sweden. On the end I would like to thank to the owners of Otto, Per Roar and Bjorg who were very kind and took perfect care of us during our stay in Norway. Big thank to all.

18.04.2008 | On National Dog show in Ostrava last weekend Alegra got another CAC, National Winner and was BOB and with this she finishes CZECH GRAND CHAMPION title. Later on in Best in Show competition she was placed 3rd in the group - 3.BIG :o)))))
For results from Ostrava and some photos you can click here >>

Alegra - 3.BIG

Alegra also started her season this week and in couple of days we will travel to Norway to visit Otto :o))) Follow our puppy link to get more information about this combination.

25.03.2008 | International dog Show in Prague - Alegra got res.CAC and Res.CACIB. For complete show results with photos click here >>

09.03.2008 | We have been visiting another dog show with Alegra this weekend ;o). This time we have traveled for the first time to Austria. The trip was very long and tireing but on the end it was worth it. Alegra got CAC, CACIB, BOB and BIG :o)))
We would like to thank to Petra from ridgebacks Nyathi for memorising this success in such a wonderfull photos :o))) Our thanks also goes to Marketa who was so kind to take us with her and for her patient and safety drive. And I do not want to forget to thank to two young girls Nikolka and Alice that were also with us and were such a nice company.
For complete show results click here >>

Alegra - BIG

03.01.2008 | This Saturday we had reserved for Czech Dalmatian Club Show in City of České Budějovice. Weather prognosis for this day was really not exited. But in the evening our savior came - my friend Vlado with his german shepard Bojar who said that he would like to take us by his car and enjoy one day on the show :o)))) I was so happy as in that moment the picture of me and two dogs in pure rain travelling by train disapered. Later on I got sms from our friend Jana (Bohemia Harmony) who had the same problem so she joined us :o))) It was great day with their company.
Tibor Havelka from Slovakia was judging dalmatians this time. He was so quick with judging 20 dogs before dalmatians that we didn´t made it with Boža on time :o((( (just to know it is our vetenerian Marek and his girlfriend Míša fault because we were next to their ring and keeping our fingers crossed for their new puppy). The bitches allready started when we came back to the hall and in all that stress Alegra showed herself very well and in Champion class among other beautifull bitches won the class with another CAC ;o)
For all results from the Club show and some photos click here >>

26.02.2008 | New photos of Alegra and Boža added to Alegry a Boži z výstavy v Brně ve phtogallery . Autor is Jana from bearded collies ;o) Lot of thanks.

24.02.2008 | Show results and photos from International Dog Show in Brno. Click here >>

12.02.2008 | Our web site was moved to new address and is redesigned :o) They is still not fully finished but we are working on it hard. Biiiiig thanks to Marek for all advices and extraordinary help ;o)