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NEWS - archive 2009

18.12.2009 | Alegra has been mated with Vic :o) If everything goes well puppies should be born mid.Feb. 2010. Huge thanks go to Helle for comunicating with us and arranged everything with co-owners in Denmark. Thanks also to Soren who came by ferry 2x to short cut our trip and lot of thanks to familly Laursen for warm welcome and great dinner.

10.12.2009 | Spookie have more success - this time in Slovakian Nitra - 2xCAC, 2xCACIB and 1xBOB . He needs one more CACIB after one year to fullfil his International Championship. What a great ending of season - Saša we are so proud of you and Spookie.

23.11.2009 | We spend Sunday afternoon with our dogs on coursing. Few photos from Bunny M :o)) >> (sorry for quality - the weather was not the best)
We updated our Photogallery >>
and finaly we put some photos from Ing.Findejs Memorial >>
and results with photos from International dog show in Prague >>

22.11.2009 | I really apologize to everyone who is visiting our web regulary and there is no any news in english so you must strugle and decode all this funny words in Czech :o) But I promise I will get bettter in the future and update also english version ;o)
During this non updating we have "collected" many various news and one of them is very sad. Otto - father of our latest puppies is not longer with us :o( I got short note from Per and Bjorg and I can imagine that they are going thru though time now. I am glad that I had opportunity to meet this wonderfull dog and his owners. Even our meetings were always short, Otto find a special place in my heart forever.

And there are new puppies born - always bringing smiles on our face and specialy when you see something amazing - James from Petra and Mirek´s kennel Nyathi >> is puppysitter from their first week :o) - if he had milk he would milk them :o))) More nice photos you can find on their web.

And on the end lot of show news:
Meggie passed her first step for Czech Champion title winning intermedia class in Brno on the begining of the month and maked me very happy for it as she showed to perfection :o)
Spookie with Saša continued their success on several show grounds during both months and have been opened many new championships - it is even hard to follow . . .
2xCACIB Lausanne (CH) - 2xCAJC, 2xJunior BOB, Crufts qualification 2010 !!!
2xCACIB České Budějovice and Prague (CZ) - 2xCAC and 2xRes.CACIB
2xCACIB Cluj Napoca (RO) - 2xCAC, 2xCACIB and 2xBOB for judges Peter Muntean (RO) and Antonio di Lorenzo (I)
And the best one - Czech Dalmatian Club Show Prague CAC and
!!! Club Winner 2009 !!!
All this being only 16th month old. Huuuuge congratulations for such a wonderful results to Saša :o)

Spookie V1, CAC, Club Winner 2009 and the judge Ivana Bakal (HR)

13.10.2009 | It hase been some time that I didn´t make updates on our english version so here are finally some :o) The latest news we bring from World Dog Show in Bratislava. I was very exicted to visit this show as number of 154 dalmatian entered from whole Europe and Russia was really interesting to see. We also had our "babies" James and Spookie with their owners and they were presented in junior class among 18 entered dogs. The judge was Kari Järvinen from Finland and they both got very nice critique, James this time with VG but Spookie excelled and was placed 4th in the class !!!  I was very happy and so the owner :o) and we hope to see some more nice results in near future.
Spookie was also entered on Slovakian Dalmatian Club show next day and he got excellent (no placement this time). The judge was Tomase Jakkel from Hungary.

Results and some photos from World Dog Show 2009 >>

And some results from other shows:
22.08.2009, Middle East European Winner Wells - James, junior class, Excellent, 2nd place 27.09.2009, Dalmatian Club Show - Spookie, junior class, Junior Winner, BIS Junior
03.10.2009, Bundessieger Tulln 2009 - Spookie, intermedia, Excellent 1, CAC

We have some new photos in our gallery and some more links to galleries from our our activities during last months:
Autumn walk - James and his friends >>
James and his new toy >>
BBQ party at Mirek and Petra´s >>

Is there something to eat . . .

21.08.2009 | WAFDAL 2009, 14-16.08.2009, Oslo, Norway
Results and photos from WAFDAL 2009 Club Show - 15.08.2009 >>
Results and photos from CACIB Oslo - 16.08.2009 >>

05.08.2009 | Last week belongs to Spookie :o) He with his owner Saša went to give blood sample for lemon testing and the result is very good - he have genotype EE so is lemonfree. They also spent whole week in training camp for people rescue dogs and he learnt lot of new things. You can see some photos >> which Saša sent us. Spookie is now official Czech Junior Champion and Junior Champion of Czech Dalmatian Club !!! Big congratulations to both of you - you are the great team !!!

Spookie is jumping over glass construction. See more on photos >>

31.07.2009 | We spent some unforgetable time on Four Summer Night Dog Shows in Split. It was very nice to see high organisation and superb atmosphere and lot of exibitors, profesional handlers and dogs all around Europe :o) And of course without our friends it wouldn´t be as it was. Thank you all and hope that next year we repeat it and stay part of this wonderfull event.

Marja Talvitie (FIN), James - VG, Alegra - VG
Javier Sanchez (E), James - VG, Alegra - CAC, CACIB, BOB, Res.BIG, BIS Native Breeds and she bacame !!! Champion of Croatia !!!
Carlos Renau (E), James - VG, Alegra - Res.CAC
Eugeny Kuplyauskas (RUS), James - CAJC, Junior BOB, Junior res.BIS, Alegra - CAC, Res.CACIB

Alegra - CAC, CACIB, BOB, res.BIG

National Dog Show Split 23.07.2009 >>
International Dog Show Split 24.07.2009 >>
National Dog Show Split 25.07.2009 >>
International Dog Show Split 26.07.2009 >>

19.07.2009 | Results and photos from National Dog Show in Mladá Boleslav >>

10.07.2009 | Spookie have now official hip and ellbow results - HD A and ED 0/0 . Meggie and James should follow in couple of weeks. Keep for us fingers crossed for good results ;o)

02.07.2009 | We made update of puppies page where you can find acctual litters from our friends ;o)

28.06.2009 | Intercanis Brno 2009 - this is the show that I really like to visit. Sometimes showing my own dogs and sometimes just watching others. This time I entered Alegra and Meggie as the judge was very interesting and I never been judged by him before. It was José Homem de Mello from Portugal :o) and our dogs did great !!!
Alegra - CAC, CACIB, BOB a 3.BIG !!!
Meggie - CAJC !!!
Spookie - CAJC, Junior BOB, Junior BIG a Junior 3.BIS !!!
All photos are made by Ondrej - thank you very much :o)

Spookie by judging

Alegra BOB and the judge José Homem de Mello (P)

Thanks gooes also to my friend Ilona that helped me with showing Meggie when we were running together for BOB

Spookie Junior 3.BIS, judge Olga Dolejšová (CZ)

Alegra 3.BIG

Complete results and some photos click here >>

21.06.2009 | We just came back from short holiday in my country of origin :o) We spent very nice time and Alegra and Meggie enjoy it sooo much. Three dogs to take with us was too much so Bošu needed to stay in Prague at my friends place but he didn´t mind as he had his boxer friend Bunny to admire. Thank you Marek for taking such a good care of him ;o)
Previously I wanted to enter the girls to some shows in Serbia and Montenegro but I said this time it will be a real holiday. But we had Spookie competing in CAC Klatovy and he made us really proud as he got another CAJC, Junior BOB, BOB and 3.Junior BIG !!!. With this Spookie is CZECH JUNIOR CHAMPION :o))))
We are also very happy to see Alegra´s niece Aida with her owner gaining some very nice results on pased few shows. Congratulations to both of you . . .

Alegra and Meggie are enjoying Montenegrian coast :o)

08.06.2009 | Spookie spend with his owner two very nice and also very successfull days in Slovakia and takes home some very nice titles. On CAC Senec he got from Vladimír Piskay CAJC, BOB a BIG !!! Big congratulations goes to Spookie´s owner Saša and big thanks to Zdeněk from Aida that helped with handeling Spookie and taking BOB ;o)
Day after on CACIB Nitra Spookie gained CAJC and Slovakia Grand Prix Junior Winner 2009 !!! from portugese judge. He was also picked up for first three best juniors in group. What to say . . . you are the best . . . Big congratulations.

Spookie - photo © Aida

Last week Spookie spent on training camp for people rescue. His owner is experienced and is preparing for people search and rescue. We are very curious how he will pass the exams but first they need to do some work and to fulllfill the age limit ;o) We keep our fingers crossed.

Take a look at Spookie´s new photogallery >> with his almost 11 months. This photos are made in Litoměřice shows.

And the last news is that we went with Alerga to Poland where she got another CWC even if she wasn´t in such a s great show condition. She even got and BOB :o)))

Alegra - CWC and BOB

We have photos and results from Dalmatian Speciality Show >>
and photos from International Dog Show in Litoměřice >>

31.05.2009 | Dalmatian Speciality in Litoměřice (CZ):
Alegra - CAC, Speciality Winner 2009 and BOB !!!
Meggie - V3
Spookie - CAJC
Photos and results soon . . .

Alegra - CAC, Spec.Winner and BOB

21.05.2009 | This weekend we spent on dog shows in Budapest showing Alegra. It was our first international show in Hungary so we were quite curious on organisation, atmosphere and the quality of entered dogs. And I can say that we were very nicely suprised because Hungarian Kennel Club made our weekend to be one of the fantastic ones we had. First day dalmatians were judged by Hungarian judge and I was quite sceptic as we were watching his judging on other breeds before dalmatians and I was just praying to get excellent. He prefered more fine boned dogs but Alegra got Res.CAC on the end, with his comment that she is too strong for him . . . and I was happy at least for the title . . . Late afternoon we spent with sightseeing of Budapest city center >> which is really beautiful
On Sunday, dalmatians were judged by American judge and that was really spectacular. We couldn´t even take our eyes of him long after dalmatians were finished. We were very happy that he liked Alegra and gave her CAC, CACIB, BOB and res.BIG , but even if this didn´t happend we would go home with unbelivable feelings.

International Dog Show Budapest 16.05.2009 >>
International Dog Show Budapest 17.05.2009 >>

Alegra res.BIG

02.05.2009 | We have dalmatian results and photos from International Dog Show in Prague >>. Owner of James didn´t come, so Spookie was competing alone in his class but not much successfull as the judge wasn´t fond of him so he takes VG. Anyway the show was very nice and we enjoy it alot (specialy the dogs) :o)

Meggie and Spookie running in the field next to the showground :o)))

27.04.2009 | We have several news and updates - time passes so fast that I cannot belive that I didn´t update this pages for more than one month. Really sorry for that ;o)

First weekend of April we spend on the dog show in Dresden were Alegra took one more CAC VDH and CAC DVD and next day I went to see Labrador puppies of my friend and take some pictures of them "Ginger" litter Daysi Art >> All her puppies have their new homes.

Easter holidays we spent in Belgrade visiting my grandparents. Take a look at some photos from the trip and Belgrade

Marek was very kind to take a look at Bošu while Meggie was in season and I would like to thank him alot for his help.

Our puppies will be 10monts old next week and they had their premiere in Youth Class this Saturday. James and Petra did great job - really profesional pair, but the judge penalize James´s lack of nose pigmentation and he takes VG. On the other hand Spookie had very successfull day taking Excellent 1, CAJC, Junior BOB, BOB a res.BIG !!! Big congratulations to Saša - they did great in BIG finals !!! Thanks alot to Liana, her husband and Aida for taking me with their car and very nice time we spent together on the way and back. Complete show results and photos from International Dog Show in České Budějovice >>

Closest Fantasy Sunset Dalmatian

10.03.2009 | Finally we visited Spookie :o) on the Regional Dog Show in České Budějovice. His owner Sasa is taking very good care of him and we are waiting to see him more in the show ring during this year. He is developing very well - you can see him on some new photos we made. Spookie 8 months old >> .

11.02.2009 | This weekend we were on Duo CACIB Brno and James and Meggie did very good job. Saturday wasn´t so successful as Sunday but they both show themselves very nice so we are more than proud.
Show results and photos from Saturday 07.02.2009 >>
And show results from Sunday 08.02.2009 >>

01.02.2009 | Our puppies are 7 months old today. It is unbelivable how time flyes. Meggie is starting to look littlebit like adult (just looking :o)) so we are waiting for more from the boys. Next week we will see James in Brno and we could make a visiti of Spookie of to wait for some nice pics :o)

Meggie - 7 months
Meggie - 7 months

26.01.2009 | James have few more show results and this time from Germany where he was handeled for the first time by Mirek :o) And they did great job together - he was VP1 for Mrs.Zachova. Week after he made the judge Tibor Havelka to write some very nice words in his report :o) which warmed our hearts.

While James was showing in Nürimberg, Alegra and me were preparing for the competition Champion of Champions 2008. I was really nearvous and couldn´t take it off me even after judge Věra Dvořáková greeted me with cup for the winners. I think I woke up just when my friend Ilona jumped on me (I will never forget this moment) and also big thank to all other friends that supported us - this will not be anything without you. Later on Alegra was res.BIG what made her the first dalmatian in history :o)

Alegra - Champion Champions 2008 - res.BIG for VI FCI group

13.01.2009 | After a longer time hera we are with updates of our web page. I will start from the newest ones :o) and that the James started very nicely his show year in Olomouc by getting VP1 and he was res.BIS PUPPY all breeds !!! Big gratulations to his owners Mirek and specialy Petra who handeled him so well. Dalmatian results and photos >>
CAC Olomouc - Catchy Solutions Sunset Dalmatian "James" - res.BIS PUPPY

Petra also did some very nice photos from Christmas walk >>

Ours first New Years walk >>

On the end we have some nice results from the shows from the end of the year with Alegra:
CACIB and CAC Stuttgart (D) - 2x CAC DVD a VDH
CAC Nowa Ruda (PL) - CWC, NDSwR, BOB (we didn´t stay for BIS)
and with this Alegra opened two more championships - German and Polish :o)