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21.12.2010 | Great news came from two breeders that have puppies after our dogs :o))) First one was from kennel Sierion in Germany where all puppies were BAER tested and are bilateral hearing. Now Baron had two recent litters of 15 puppies, all standard and bilateral hearing. Sooo proud of him :o))) Second news came from Kennel Javapami where Spookie have puppies and after last check all puppies have dark eyes, so they are all standard and are hearing. We are looking forward for BAER test statistics that are appointed at the end of this month.

Last Saturday we went to snow coursing again and some walking with dogs. Unfortunatelly both (me and Marek) forgot our cameras but two professional photographers took some nice photos so you can take a look in Petr Majer´s gallery >> and Eva Mizerová´s gallery >>

27.11.2010 | Czech Dalmatian Club show was held this year in Prague and we had some nice success there. The judge was Radana Zachova and the results are the follows:
Big Boy, puppy class - VN1
Don, puppy class - VN
Baron, open class - V1, CAC
Božidar, veteran class - V2
Hetty, puppy class - VN1, PUPPY BIS
Alegra, winner class - V1,CAC and Club Winner 2010
Meggie passed her breeding exam and got the licence on the day ;o)

While we were showing our dogs Sasa worked with Spookie and passed another working exam - basic obedience ZOP with 85 points and got second place from 8 competitors (mostly working breeds) Big congratulations !!!

Alegra - CAC and Club Winner 2010

whole team Sunset Dalmatian after the show :o)

23.11.2010 | Can say this will be more puppy news :o)))) and we start with Baron and Roxana´s puppies which are all standard and bilateral hearing !!! Two show quality boys still looking for a good home (Florian and Figaro). Have some nice photos from my previous visit - 5weeks old "F" litter od Bílé laně >> and Eva´s "E" litter od Bílé laně >> which is 10 days older ;o). Also some photos from BAER test >> done a week later.

Florian od Bílé laně - 5 weeks

Some nice news came also from Germany. In kennel vom Sierion another Baron puppies were born - 4 boys and 4 girls :o). No patches. More information you get following her Puppy blog >>

And now you can hold your breath - even more puppies were born a week later from our Spookie in the kennel Javapami - 13 pupps (no patches) 4boys and 9girls. All black. Congratulations to the breeder and brave mother :o)

20.11.2010 | No much time to make our english page updated but will try these days to come up with all important things that happend this and last month ;o)

I eneterd Baron and Alegra to Bundessieger in Dortmund as I have never been there before. Attracted by higher number of entred dogs as usuall I was really looking forward to this event. And I wasn´t disapointed at all. Hope this dog show will find a place in our calendar every year. Both Baron and Alegra had very nice results - Baron V3 in open class and Alegra second in champion class with CAC VDH and Res.CAC, so Germany - one more to go . . .

Baron - V3

Alegra - V2, CAC-VDH, res.CAC-DDC

The week before we showed some of our dogs at CACIB České Budějovice and had some very nice results. Meggie got another CAC and YES !!! she became !!! CHAMPION OF CZECH REPUBLIC !!! :o)))) Her brother Spookie had even more success - CAC, CACIB, BOB and 4.BIG. Well done !!! Baron also won his class with his 4th Czech CAC and behind Spookie ended up with Res.CACIB. The youngest competitor was Big Boy with his new owners who presented him very well at their first show together and very promissing goes to him :o))) The trip back home was very alert with one small stop - visiting Baron´s and Roxana puppies at 3weeks of age >>

Spookie - CAC, CACIB, BOB and 4.BIG

Baron puppies 3 weeks old - "F" litter od Bílé laně

01.10.2010 | Full results and photos from European Dog Show in Celje >>

19.09.2010 | Lot of news has happend since our last update. Baron´s first puppies are born recently - 3males and 4females (3+2 liver) in od Bílé laně kennel The mother and puppies are doing great. Keep our fingers crossed and looking forward to see them in the future.

brave Roxana and her two day old puppies :o)))

Have also some nice news after I have been visiting our last two puppies from our "D" litter. I am more than happy to say that our patched girls have also full dentition :o)))).

And some show news:
2xCACIB Uzhorod
Spookie - 2xCAC, 2xRes.CACIB and he became !!! UKRANIAN CHAMPION !!!
2xCACIB Macedonia and CAC Moldavia
It is unbelivable what Sasa have achieved in not even one year time from which Spookie have started in intermedia class. 6 new adult championships. Congratulations !!!

CACIB Mladá Boleslav
Baron - CAC, CACIB, BOB and Res.BIG
Meggie - CAC

Baron in Mladá Boleslav - res.BIG

05.08.2010 | Big Boy has found a great new home :o) Wish him and his owners lot of joy and fun together and hope to see him in near future at some shows

31.07.2010 | Back from beautiful vacation and some dog shows in Montenegro and Croatia. It was really amazing and we had a great time with my friend and I can say this was the one of the best holidays I ever had. Except the nice weather, perfect company and great food we had also very nice success on Dog Shows, specially Split. Meggie showed herself to perfection and really suprised us when she collected all this titles 5xCAC, CACIB, Res.CACIB, 3xBOB, Res.BIG. 3.BIG, BIS Native Breeds, Res.BIS Native Breeds :o)))) She is now Champion of Montenegro and she missed Champion of Croatia the last day when the judge didn´t gave her certificate although she was winning her class. Big Boy was also showed all 4 days with Very Promising. The judges of the day in breed and group you can find on Meggie´s page and also some photos in our photogallery.

Meggie - CAC, CACIB, BOB and res.BIG

During our Holidays I got some messages from CZ - the first one came from Yveta who check Hetty and Don´s dentition and now we can say that our standard puppies have all teeth :o))))) Jupiiii. The patches are waiting for my check and as soon I have some info I will write here. :o)

Spookie pased one more working exam - this time it was basic people search rescue exam - ZZZ. Congratulation to Saša and Spookie.

And finally Baron had his first love afair. Beautiful Roxana from Eva Lišková came to visit him and they had great honeymoon. We will keep our fingers crossed for lot of nice babies that should be delivered in the middle of the September :o)))

05.07.2010 | Back from World Dog Show and Dalmatian World Club Shows in Denmark. We had really a great time meeting lot of famous breeders and watching high quality dogs during all three days. Spookie was the only one we have taken with us as youngsters got kennel cough two weeks before and even Alegra who was healthy could be a carrier and make much more demage to other dogs. Very sorry about it but we decidef she stays at home this time.
On first day - World Dog Show in Herning, Sasa decided at last moment to show Spookie by herself but he was not interesting in corporating with her so they leave from the ring with very good. Next day on World Dalmatian show Spookie was judged by Sue Wilkinson from England and even he was shown by me, this time was not enough to get excellent. Quite disapointed for the results waiting one more day with slight hope of changing his low averidge. And last day we made it - Exc.2 in intrmedia class for Shellie Marshal (AUS) :o)))
Results and photos from World Dog Show 2010 in Herning >>
and World Dalmatian Show in Middelfart 1st day >>

World Dalmatian Show 2010 - Spookie Exc.2 :o)

Week before small Hetty and her owner had their first show debut on Dalmatian Club Show here in Czech Republic. She won her class with very very nice critique from the judge that was really pleased with her quality. Yveta big congratulations to you and Hetty and we are looking forward seeing you in the ring in the near future :o)

Yveta and Hetty and their first show in baby class - VP1 :o)

20.06.2010 | Baron have his photogallery on Picasa >> and we have few new photos of Big Boy >> and Spookie >> from searching people rescue training :o)

16.06.2010 | Last weekend we were showing Baron and Meggie on National Dog Show in Klatovy and both of them did great - Meggie CAC and Best Female with National Winner title :o))) Baron got CAC, National Winner, BOB and in finals 3.BIG. Thanks go to Ilona for helping me with showing the dogs and also to Marek for all the help, ride and the pictures ;o) Full results on Dalmatian Club web >>

Meggie and Baron

Baron - 3.BIG

Sunday we had puppy party in one of the largest Prague City parks - Stromovka :o) We had very good weather and I invitied also Eva with her od Bílé láně pups and some of other dals came also - Marek with Baronem and Bunny, familly Křížek with Donattela, familly Gschwandtner with Bára a and Elsa´s Aisha and Eva also took her girls and I had mine dogs and and . . . :o))) did you count it? Yes we had 18 dogs (16 dalmatians) :o))) Thanks to our puppy owners who make their effort to come to this meeting and also to the others - you made this event to stay in our memory forever

All toghether

Our photos >>
Marek´s photos >>
Veronika´s photos >>
Yveta´s photos >>

01.06.2010 | We are back from German Club show and both Baron and Alegra got second place with Res.CAC. We must try harder next time specially for Alegra as she needs two more CAC to close her championships so Germany see you again ;o) Full results >>
Meggie got her x-ray results - she is HD B and ED 0/0. Sooo happy to hear as I couldn´t imagine she would not be a mother as she was great with Alegra´s puppies.

29.05.2010 | Results and photos from International Dog Show in Litoměřice >> and few photos of little Baghira >> that we have visited today :o)
Last weekend Saša with Spookie passed their first obedience exam. Big congratulations and we are waiting for more to come :o))) Tomorrow we are going to German club show. I got info that 100 dalmatians were entered so keep your fingers crossed for us ;o)

19.05.2010 | One free weekend between the shows we spent visiting small Hetty and Don. Here you can take a look at few photos from our excursion >>

17.05.2010 | What a great couple of weekends - we had competing on few dog shows here in Czech and also Slovak Republic. Baron made his first show debut and he was doing more than great plus Saša with Spookie did very well also and we can proudly say that Spookie is now

International Dog Show in České Budějovice 24.05.2010 >>
Spookie - CAC, CACIB
Baron - CAC, Res.CACIB

International Dog Show in Prague 01.05.2010 >>
Baron - V1, CAC, CACIB and BIG
Spookie - Res.CAC

International Dog Show Bratislava 15.05.2010
Spookie - CAC, Res.CACIB

Slovakian Dalmatian Club Show Bratislava 15.05.2010
Baron - CAC, Club Winner and BOB
Spookie - CAC

CEEW Bratislava 16.05.2010
Baron - CAC, CACIB and Central East European Winner
Spookie - CAC, Res.CACIB


Baron fist place in FCI Group VI - BIG

05.04.2010 | New photos of our puppies 6,5 weeks old >>

31.03.2010 | Monday was very important day for us - we were BAER testing our standard puppies and we must say that we are more than happy with the results - all three are bilateral hearing (BAER +/+) :o)))) For the one that are reserved we have few more days staying with us and than they will go to their new homes :o) Happy and sad at once but I encourage myself as the families are more than nice :o)

MVDr.Hanuš Velebný is taking BAER test to one of Eva´s puppies (od Bíle laně kennel)

23.03.2010 | I had Yveta visiting me so we try together to make some standing photos of our puppies >> almost 5weeks old. Lot of thanks to Yveta as you know how hard it to keep this little devils still for couple of seconds :o) We have also some new photos in our photogallery and Baron have his own page now

14.03.2010 | We have new dog joining us. Actually he will stay with my friend Marek and his German Boxer Bunny who we sees quite often during the week, walking the dogs together :o) Baron came from Norway, he is nice looking fellow, have gorgeous temperament and have very nice pedigree. Many many many thanks to Per Roar and Bjorg (Arctic Innova) for contacting us, helping with all the papers and vet.checks and most of all entrusting us with such a gorgeous boy.

04.03.2010 | We added puppy pics from their second week >>

22.02.2010 | New photos of our puppies >>

21.02.2010 | Saša and Spookie went this weekend to Sofia to try their luck on Bulgarian show ground. There were two International dog shows during one weekend and they did great. Spookie was entered in intermedia class (being only 19months old) and he recieved three championships at once :o)
Saturday - V1, CAC, CACIB
Sunday - V1, CAC, CACIB
and became

20.02.2010 | Alegra have puppies :o)) Two boys and three girls (2patched) were born on 15th of February. Mother and puppies are doing great and they are soooo cute. We made few photos from 2nd and 3rd day >>

08.02.2010 | Spookie became !!! CZECH CHAMPION !!! Huraaaa. Thanks to Saša for giving me the oportunity to handle him and win his fourth CAC on the International Dog show in Brno (Saturday) :o) Saša stayed also the next day and she did great with res.CAC Big congratulations :o)

02.02.2010 | Alegra is already seven weeks pregant. Take a look at few photos of her tummy >>

17.01.2010 | Spookie was placed 3rd in VI FCI group on TOP DOG 2009 competition for all breeds that organizes our Kennel Club with dog magazine :o) Big congratulations goes to Saša for such a wonderfull success.

09.01.2010 | Alegra is behaving pregnant allready few days, but just on Thursday we got confirmation by ultrasound :o))) We are looking forward her puppies to be born in mid of February.

Alegra have a small tummy (27day of preganancy) - ultrasound and first photos of the puppies :o)

04.01.2010 | !!! WE WISH TO ALL OUR FRIENDS LOT OF HAPPINESS AND LOVE IN NEW YEAR 2010 !!! and lot of thanks to all of you for sending such a huge number of Christmas cards