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11.12.2011 | It has passed some longer time after the last English page update. I feel very sorry but I know that lot of you are following the Czech version and are familiar with latest news. As the time is still a problem and we have really lot of news I will try to put everything what happend in last couple of months in few words:

NEW Champions:
Baron is new !!! DALMATIAN CLUB CHAMPION !!!
Closest Fantasy Sunset Dalmatian "Spookie" is new !!! CHAMPION OF CYPRUS !!!
Dignity of Hettynky Sunset Dalmatian "Hetty" is new !!! DALMATIAN CLUB CHAMPION !!!

Open Champions & other shows:
Creative Images Sunset Dalmatian "Meggie"
Dream Believer Sunset Dalmatian "Big Boy"
opened his GERMAN and AUSTIAN CHAMPIONSHIP and had some other titles: 2x CAC CZ, CACA, CAC VDH + CAC DVD, 2xCACIB, National Winner 2011
Double Reason Sunset Dalmatian "Don"
opened his CZECH CHAMPIONSHIP with 3xCAC, two from our Club shows and on one was BOS. He also had CACIB and BOB from České Budějovice.
Dignity of Hettynky Sunset Dalmatian "Hetty"
opened her CZECH and POLISH CHAMPIONSHIP. She had 3xCAC CZ, 2 of them are from our Club Shows where she was also CLUB WINNER 2011 and 2xBOB.
All three puppies from our "D" litter needs one more CAC next year to complete their CZ Ch.

Hetty - CLUB WINNER 2011 and BOB, for Marcus Ameis (D), 62 entries

Baron - CLUB WINNER 2011

Alegra, Meggie and Hetty passed basic obedinece exam ZOP
Baron passed basic hunting aptitude trial ZV
Spookie passed advanced obedience exam ZPU1
Big Boy passed basic obedience exam ZZO

Yveta and Hetty training for basic obedience exam ZOP

Marek and Baron on opening ceremony for hunting aptitude trial - ZV

03.07.2011 | Spookie have again nice results - this time on Intercanis Brno 2011 - CAC, CACIB, BOB and 5.BIG and with this he is !!! CZECH GRAND CHAMPION !!!

We have updated our galleries Rajče >> and Picasa >>

18.06.2011 | Today Marek and Baron have passed basic obedience exam - ZOP with 97 pionts (out of 100) - Excellent rating :o)))

05.06.2011 | National dog show in Klatovy and our boys from "D" litter were there. Don with another CAJC became on the day Czech Junior Champion Big congratulations to Ladka and Vitek for this success as this is their first show dog and they did it with some small instructions totally by themselves :o)) His brother Big Boy touched the highest stars - not only on this show where he have CAC, National Winner and BOB and later on was res.BIG but also week before on Czech Dalmatian Club Speciality where he won his class with CAC and was best male with Speciality Winner 2011 title.

Dream Believer Sunset Dalmatian "Big Boy" - res.BIG

I also need to mention that Baron´s puppies also started their show carrier with success. Little Freya od Bílé laně became BIS Puppy on Dalmatian Speciality show and in Klatovy her little sister Frida od Bílé laně was - BIS Puppy all breeds :o)))) Huge congratulations to the owners and also to the breeder Eva Lišková.

And the last news for today - after a long winter training Marek and Baron started their competition in agility and they did very well - 3rd plase among beginners. Congratulations

27.05.2011 | Such a nice experience with our puppy buyers and friends and even better results - still without words . . . just thank you to the judges that had such a high opinion of our dogs.

CACIB Salzburg, 21.05.2011
Dream Believer Sunset Dalmatian "Big Boy" - V1, Jugendbester Salzburg 2011
Closest Fantasy Sunset Dalmatian "Spookie" - V2, Res.CACA
Baron - V1, CACA, res.CACIB
Dignity of Hettynky Sunset Dalmatian "Hetty" - V1, Jugendbester Salzburg 2011, Junior BOB, Junior Res.BIG

WAFDAL 2011 a Jubilejní Klubová výstava Salzburg, 22.05.2011
Dream Believer Sunset Dalmatian "Big Boy" - V1, WAFDAL Junior Winner 2011 + Club Junior Winner 2011
Creative Images Sunset Dalamtian "Spookie" - V3
Baron - V1, CACA
Dignity of Hettynky Sunset Dalmatian "Hetty" - V1, WAFDAL Junior Winner 2011 + Club Junior Winner, BOB Junior

There were also Baron puppies competing and they had very nice placements :o)

Czech Team - from right: Saša with Roxana and Spookie, Eva with Orin, Fergie and Florian, Yveta with Hetty, Pavla with Big Boy and me with Baron and Figaro :o) Petr behind the camera :o) Without all of them this would not be such a great fun. Thank you all.

The same weekend Don was carriing our flag here in Czech Republic - Double Reason Sunset Dalmatian with his owner Laďka was competing on International Dog Show in Litoměřice and have another CAJC :o) Big Congratulations.

Good news from Germany - all puppies are hearing: 10 bilateral and one unilateral. In this litter was one blue eyed puppy and one partly blue. All others are without the fault.

08.05.2011 | International dog show in Lodz (PL) and Baron had some nice results CWC, CACIB and BOB. With this he became INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION :o))) See also new pics from Baron puppies at Schaesberger wald >>

Schaesberger wald pups 4,5 weeks old

25.04.2011 | International dog show in České Budějovice this weekend and our huuuge team had some nice results. Almost whole Baron x Roxana litter (only one missing) was shown and I can say that it is very nice litter. I am really looking forward to their future when they grow up. Two liver boys are still with their breeder Eva and are looking for new owners. If somebody is interested please do not hasitate to contact me. From Sunset Dalmatian team Big Boy, Hetty and Spookie were competing. Big Boy - Dream Believer Sunset Dalmatian didn´t had luck and got VG. Spookie - Closest Fantasy Sunset Dalmatian did great and got CAC, CACIB and BOB With this he became INTERCHAMIPON Hetty - Dignity of Hettynky Sunset Dalmatian had another CAJC and became Czech Junior Champion Big congratulations to their owners.

Two weeks ago I had a small trip to Serbia with one of my friends and we had 11 dogs with us :o) From my dogs I took only Meggie and she did very good - 2xCAC and 2xCACIB :o) The same weekend Saša was competing with Spookie in Austria and ended up with Exc.2, Res.CAC

Meggie in Serbia

03.04.2011 | Today new Baron puppies were born in German kennel vom Schaesberger Wald. There is 5 boys and 6 girls. All black spotted and no patch :o))). Congratulations to the breeder and brave mother Fjorda :o)

Last weekend we went with our dogs for their first coursing competition - Jarní Kralupy 2011. There were 5 dalmatians entered and the girls did great. Meggie ended up on the first place with 341 points and six year old Alegra on the second place with 334 b. Baron didn´t finish his first run and he was disqualified. You can take a look at some videos bellow

First run - Baron (red) and Bája (white) >>
First run - Meggie (red), June (white) and Alegra (blue) >>
Second run - Meggie (red) and June >>
Second run - Alegra (red) and Bája >>

On Sunday Saša and Spookie were competing in Champion class on CACIB Luxemborg and ended up with excellent but were not placed

Meggie runs for her first place

20.03.2011 | Yveta took Hetty for hip xray and she is healthy - HD A :o)))) Great result. So happy to hear that Yveta just had her dream come true and can think about future puppies

Czech Dalmatian club released recently official Top Dalmatian results and Baron suprised us all and was plased first among males and he is now !!! TOP DALMATIAN 2010 !!!

We spent one nice day on 3 hours trekking and coursing training in Liberec made some new photos. Hetty was trying her first run and did great.

Hetty hunter :o)))

07.03.2011 | Champion of Champions in Slovakia and Spookie was presenting and had very nice result - 2xCAC and VICTORY WINNER 2011 & BEST OF KING With that he became !!! SLOVAKIAN GRAND CHAMPION !!!. Congratulations :o)

04.03.2011 | First weekend in February we spend on Duo CACIB Brno. This is my favorite dog show in CZ where more than 4500 dogs were entered first day and 3500 dogs the second. Big modern halls and great organisation just made the pleasure to be there. I have entered just Baron but we had also puppies from our "D" litter for the first time presenting on such a big show. And all were doing great . . .
Hetty - Diginity of Hettynky Sunset Dalmatian: 2xCAJC and 2xJUNIOR BOB
Don - Double Reason Sunset Dalmatian: Exc.2 and CAJC
Big Boy - Dream Believer Sunset Dalmatian: Exc.3 a VG3
Baron was a star at both days 2xCAC, 2xCACIB with Cruft´s qualifiction, 2xBOB and on Sunday was also placed fourth in the group 4.BIG. What a day . . .

What made us the most happy is to see after a while Baron and Roxana puppies who were entered on Sunday for the first time in their life on such a big event :o)) They were doing great and I was the most happy of their perfect temperament. They look very promissing and looking forward to their future. Two lovely liver spotted pups are still looking for good owners. They have full dentition and whole litter was bilateral hearing. If you need any further information do not hasitate to contact me.

Baron x Roxana pups 4,5months. >>
Photogallery Duo CACIB Brno 2011 Saturday >>
Photogallery Duo CACIB Brno 2011 Sunday >>

Baron - 4.BIG

04.02.2011 | December and January passed so fast that I even couldn´t realize that our web update is is really late . . . but now here it comes . . .

At the end of December I have visited BAER testing of Spookie´s puppies in kennel Javapami. All 13 pups are bilateral hearing what was great and I am happy for such a great breeding results - they are all without any falts.

Just after we jumped into New Year we have showed Baron on National dog show in Olomouc where he got another CAC and became !!! CZECH CHAMPION !!!. He was also best dog with National Winner title, BOB and later on managed to be placed 4. BIG :o)))

A week later we have a bit more honour gala show - Champion of Champions 2010 competition on red carpet of Top Hotel in Prague. Spookie was entered in competition and he became Best of Breed but did nothing in the group even the judge really liked him - he was sooo naugthy that he just couldn´t pass him thru ;o). Baron was honoured for the 4th placement in the VI FCI Group for Top Dog all breeds. Some pictures you can find in Irena´s photogallery >>

We also got the news that all Baron´s puppies in kennel vom Sierion in Germany have found new homes.

For some of you who is interested to see the list of all CZ Dalmatian Champions from 1994 I have made new page (sorry just czech). You can also find there the list on Czech International Champions.