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Sunset Dalmatian

Sunset Dalmatian


Eva, Betty and Bruno - January 2000Our official international kennel name was registrated in the Czech Republic in 1997 and is recognized by FCI. Name Sunset Dalmatian was born just few years before, when I was visiting our favorite Yugoslavian coast. We were spending almost every evening with my Betty sitting on the coast rocks watching big and wonderfull Sun falling down into the Adriatic Sea and leaving behind all possible tones of yellow, orange and red on pure blue sky. Wonderfull nature images were reflecting on Betty´s white coat and with half closed eyes she enjoyed that moments the same as I was. And I wondered if it was the same for all Dalmatians that lived there few hundred years before? I wanted to save this feelings forever by giving every our dog a name that will follow and carry that wonderfull moments we had.

Alegra and the Sunset in Montenegro - Summer 2008When I already gone so far I think it would be nice to introduce myself. My name is Eva Dragović and I was born in the country origin of dalmatian (in that time Yugoslavia was not still separated). In the year 1995 we have moved with my familly to Prague - Czech Republic where I still live.

Idea to own, and later on to breed dalmatians was born just few months before we got Betty. I know that this was my idea, and I was not alone who was involved in, but many people around me. I would like to use this opportunity to thank all of them for they patient and tolerancy to my, sometimes, very crazy ideas.

And how that all began....


Eva, Betty a Boža - Winter 2003 From our very early childhood we wished, me and my younger sister, to have a dog but because we were living in a small flat at grandparents we never could aford it. Because we new that, we mostly had a contact with dogs of my friends and also dogs on the streets (with no owners) which is in Yugoslavia very normal thing to see. I didn´t have any "serious relationships" with these dogs but I learned something. I also was very "hungry" for more and more informations so I have searched everywhere. One day I have also found that big dog show should be held in Belegrade. And after I have visited it that moment changed my view on dogs forever. Decision has been made and being only fourteen years of age, put my rucksack on and proudly step into the fair area. From that point everything went very fast into the dogs world and I was working really active on "changing my parents mind". Finally my big victory came and small spotted puppy Betty arrived to our home. In that time I didn´t have any knowledge how dalmatians should look like, but I can say that we were very fortune with her as this was one of the best litters in that time in Yugoslavia and she had gorgeous character - everybody to wish for. From that moment on life was never the same again :o).

Eva a Boža - podzim 2007Our first litter came in 1994 in Yugoslavia and second in 1997 in Czech Republic. I was also visiting some dog shows and picking up a lot of experience from the people that I met and I am very grateful to them. Years 2000 and 2001 pushed me much more further and Internet era helped me to get in touch with other breeders around the world. In 2002 our third litter was following and as I wasn´t fortunate to leave the bitch for us from that litter I starded to search for new puppy bitch that should set the base for our future breeding. In 2005 we invited new member to our pack - little princess Alegra from well known Lacrima Christi kennel from Croatia with very good pedigree that was promissing alot. I was very curious than what will future bring.

Eva, Boža and Alegra - Autumn 2007 During following years I was introduced to the show ground from different point of view that I had never experienced before. We worked very hard and Alegra had great success. It was extreamly good experience for me. In two years time Alegra had closed several championships and I was more than proud. I was also very curious about breeding her and when time came, in 2008 her first puppies where born. Alegra had one more litter in 2010 and I am very proud of the result that she gave. Out of six standard puppies four are allready International Champions and one more is on the way to close it. With that, I can say that Alegra set up very good base for our future breeding.


I would never think I could have so many dogs at home today and some with my friends. Our pack is curently on four dogs - oldie Boža, our princess Alegra, her daughter Meggie and newcomer, her grandaughter Pandora. Our Norvegian import Baron lives with my friend and one youngster, Pandora´s brother exported to Serbia in co-ownership with my friend.


s Meggie a PandorouWe always have a great plans :o)). Probably you have noticed that we do not breed every year - 20years and 6litters. Sometimes it´s because of life surcamstances and sometimes because each dog needs a lot of attention from us and specially puppies when they are raised. Certain financial suport for it is also required, so I find it more easy when is not so often - to enjoy it in all aspects. I also try to choose the right combination and if there is not 100% satisfaction with parents we do not breed in that moment. I think the future will definitly bring us lot of challenges and hope we will have some nice dogs coming from our breeding. Follow our News to be updated . . .

On the end...

OUR GOAL is to breed nice and well tempered dalmatians which are much close to the standard with their outline !!!